This holiday novel, crammed with yummy delights, finds Hannah Swenson's Minnesota town hit by a snowstorm on the night she's testing recipes for the annual Lake Eden cookbook. Readers' mouths will water as Hannah describes the delicious offerings she's prepared.

Everyone is there for the taste-testing, including an unfortunate victim who vanishes from the party, only to be found later by Hannah, stabbed with a cake knife. Since no one has left, the murderer must still be in the building. Although Hannah's sometimes-beau, police detective Mike, has sealed the exits until he can solve the crime, Hannah, as usual, ends up taking matters into her own capable hands.

An entire cookbook follows the novel, with recipes that are enticing yet easy, featuring everything from down-home "hot dish" to elegant chocolate confections.

Excellent cookbook aside, Fluke's true brilliance is in the world she's created. While momentarily menacing, it's mostly wonderful thanks to Hannah, who always offers just the right cookie and, incidentally, justice for all. (Oct., 352 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison