Image of Sugar Rush (Kimani Romance)


Image of Sugar Rush (Kimani Romance)

SUGAR RUSH (4) by Elaine Overton: Major and minor characters are willing to do anything for love in this very entertaining and thought-provoking novel. Eliot Wright's overbearing uncle has declared war on a small family-owned bakery that's systematically wooing large accounts from his family's industrial-sized bakery. When Eliot goes to the bakery to investigate, he's mistaken for the newly hired baker. Sophie Mayfield is determined to save her family bakery for her grandmother. Then she ends up falling for the new baker -- until she finds out he's not who he pretended to be. The more Eliot comes to care for Sophie, the more guilt he feels over his deception. What will happen when Eliot is forced to choose between the uncle who reared him and the woman he loves?

Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims