Image of Sugar Rush (Cupcake Club)


Image of Sugar Rush (Cupcake Club)

Fans of cupcakes and TV chefs will like this first installment of the Cupcake Club back-to-back romance series that comes with recipes. For those looking for more, not to worry — this isn’t a light, spun-sugar tale. It has more substance, like a rich chocolate ganache. The supporting characters are delightful and one hopes they will appear in future books.

Lani relocated to the island community of Sugarberry to be closer to her father and to open her own business, a cupcake bakery. She left behind a high-profile, successful career as a pastry chef in New York — along with Baxter Dunne, the charming TV chef who was both her boss and the star of her daydreams. Now, Chef Hot Cakes has shown up and announced that his production company is here to film onsite at her little shop, disrupting the small Southern community she calls home. The kitchen really heats up with these two baking together, but is there any future for a small-time cupcake baker and a big-time celebrity chef? (BRAVA, Jan., 304 pp., $14.00)

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Joyce Morgan