Filled with engaging characters, Sugar Springs is the typical everyone-knows-everyone’s-business small town. Law skillfully portrays heroine Lee Ann’s doubts and fears, as well as hero Cody’s struggle to be a better person than he believes he can be. And Lee Ann’s young nieces are a delight.

Having raised her half-sister’s twin girls for 12 years, with the help of her mother, Lee Ann London is not pleased when their father, veterinarian Cody Dalton, returns to Sugar Springs. Cody was her high school love until she caught him with her sister. He left town immediately after, with the idea that he wasn’t good enough for Lee Ann. Now he wants to make amends to the town he feels he treated disrespectfully. Lee Ann has believed all these years that Cody didn’t want his girls — but he never even knew they existed. Now he does, and he wants to be a part of their lives and, just maybe, a part of Lee Ann’s again, too. (MONTLAKE, Jan., 352 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley