Image of Sugarplum Homecoming (Whisper Falls)


Image of Sugarplum Homecoming (Whisper Falls)

SUGARPLUM HOMECOMING (4) by Linda Goodnight: Davis Turner’s children are praying for a new mother. As their prayer was spoken under Whisper Falls, they believe God will answer them. When they see Lana Ross move in next door, they feel she is the answer to their prayer. Lana was viewed as a wild child in school, and she fears no one will see that she is now a new creation in Christ. Davis is warned to steer clear of her, but his heart is not listening. Will her secrets destroy their budding relationship? The Whisper Falls series continues with a strong character, Lana, who demonstrates how to overcome a dysfunctional past without being defined by it, and proves that we are defined instead by our relationship with Christ.

Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee