Image of The Suicide Club


Image of The Suicide Club

Wilson's latest is a well-structured, involved story that's especially terrifying in light of recent events in the news. The characters are handled well too -- though Lindsey does pull a few stupid-heroine stunts.

When Detective Jace Nolan suggests that one or more of Lindsey Sloan's students may be involved in several church arsons, she refuses to consider the possibility. Then Lindsey's seen talking to Jace, the teens begin to speculate about the nature of their relationship -- and strange things begin to happen, including an arson attempt that nearly takes her life.

Jace's theory is lent credence by a string of student suicides, but Lindsey's not buying it -- until she has no choice. A grander scheme is definitely in play, and Jace will need all the help he can get to catch the criminals before they can execute it. (MIRA, Jul., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley