Back for a walk on the supernatural side is this talented foursome, who have delivered consistently good
reads in their almost yearly anthologies. This time around the connection
is an eerie suite that manages to connect stories of ghosts, satanists and wizards. Creepy good fun!

Robb leads with "Ritual in Death," where Eve and Roarke are drawn into a brutal murder with decidedly satanic overtones.

Blayney follows with "Love Endures," in which newly widowed young mother Summer Cassidy must contend with the ghost of her deceased husband and her feelings for Lord Stephen Bradley, the man she should have married.

Next up is Langan's "Cold Case." Ex-cop Sam Hunter has a car accident and winds up as the unexpected guest of the intriguing Mary Catherine and her less-than-welcoming stepfather.

McComas rounds things out with "Wayward Wizard," which follows the adventures of Marie Barnett and her young son, Hugh, when they are sucked into a museum exhibit and meet a most intriguing wizard. (BERKLEY, Nov., 344 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith