Image of Suite Seventeen (Black Lace)


Image of Suite Seventeen (Black Lace)

In this deliciously seductive story, the heroine boldly narrates her tale of
sexual awakening. She taps into many fantasies -- transvestism, voyeurism, multiple partners and BDSM. Her dominant lover takes charge, but underneath he has his own insecurities. Fans may recognize some of the secondary characters from a previous book. This sometimes shocking glimpse into a woman's liberating adventure is hard to put down. Even if it's not a typical love story, the finale won't disappoint readers looking for romance.

Annie Conroy, a fortysomething widow, is waiting at the Waverley Grange Hotel bar for a no-show date when someone much more interesting catches her eye. An exquisite transvestite engages her in conversation. The extremely sensual Valentina fascinates Annie -- and he turns out to be equally gorgeous as Valentino. This exotic, kinky man becomes an obsession for Annie, who may be falling in love, even though she knows this beautiful man will never want more than sex games. (BLACK LACE, Aug., 272 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski