Image of Suite Temptation (Kimani Romance)


Image of Suite Temptation (Kimani Romance)
An ambitious heroine and a patient hero work very well in Anita Bunkley's Suite Temptation (4). Bunkley's twist on the traditional romance -- the man longs for a permanent commitment while the woman wants to live her life before settling down -- makes an interesting story. Riana Cole is finishing up an advanced degree to gain a VP position. She falls for fellow student Andre Preaux but refuses to give up the opportunity to return to San Antonio to claim her position. Andre, committed to becoming an architect, knows that his love for Riana would encourage him to achieve that goal, not interfere with it. They part but are reunited by a joint business venture years later. Riana is still driven to succeed, and Andre is still committed to her, although events from his past threaten to destroy their future together.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims