Loreth Anne White continues her Shadow Soldiers series with A Sultan's Ransom (4). To avoid an international catastrophe, mercenary Rafiq Zayed is sent into the Nexus Compound to get information about the antidote to a pathogen that's killed many people. He doesn't expect to find Dr. Paige Sterling at the lab, so Rafiq kidnaps her and they hide in Haman, where the people are controlled by a cruel regime as they wait for the "real" sultan to return from exile. When Rafiq is recognized as the sultan, he has the dual quest of getting Paige to a safe place and reclaiming his throne. A woman who has closed off her emotions and a man who has closed himself off to love are awakened when they find each other. This is another suspenseful adventure in a series that will conclude next month.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers