Dragon lovers and those familiar with Anne McCaffrey's Pern will delight in the fairy dragons of Vardon in this wonderful tale about a faraway
planet. The hero is an alpha male,
but kindness and wisdom temper
his strength, and the heroine is intelligent and strong, with a touch of clairvoyance. The secondary characters
are a nice contribution to the story. Hopefully, they'll pop up in future tales.

When Sultan Khalid's sister is abducted and abused, he seeks revenge on the land of Vardon by taking their Princess Rima as his bond-slave. Rima refuses to submit her will but accepts the duties of a slave to protect her people.

As they get to know one another, they discover an attraction that does not recognize that they are enemies. But it's Rima's secret of being a friend to the fairy dragons that will bring out the truth of what really happened to Khalid's sister -- and who the real villain is. (, dl $5.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley