First in the new Sultry Springs series, this second-chance-at-love story has heaping doses of heart, passion and laughter. The well-drawn characters and setting give this story a depth that makes it pop off the page. However, it misses the keeper shelf with a few sour notes, including a rushed ending, a couple of stock characters and some jarring dialogue.

Nine years after running from Sultry Springs, TX, June Augustine is realizing her dream of opening a martini bar — until a trumped-up warrant forces her to spend a month doing community service in her hometown. Then she finds out she’ll be working with Luke Gallagher, the boy who broke her heart. Luke is a man who has a lot of reasons to be afraid to fall in love. That doesn’t stop him from getting intimate with June — until she says the L word. He tries to drive her away, but she isn’t giving up without a fight. To prove to Luke that he is lovable, June is willing to do anything, because without Luke in her life, nothing else matters. (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison