Image of The Sumerton Women


Image of The Sumerton Women

Bogdan’s Tudor piece is far removed from the quarrels of the court, but reveals the effects of Henry’s passion for Anne Boleyn on an ordinary family. With a detailed backdrop and compelling plot, readers are immediately caught up in the characters’ lives, especially the relationship between two strong, unique women.

At the age of 8, Lady Cecily Burkhart becomes Harold Pierce’s ward. Precocious Cecily feels welcomed by Lord Hal and Lady Grace as well as their son Brey, whose friendship she cherishes. It is their daughter Mirabella who confuses Cecily, with her obsession with her religious vocation and their tutor, Father Alec. Cecily builds a close relationship with the priest, but Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne Boleyn thrusts the family into chaos. No longer can Mirabella enter a convent, and Cecily’s hopes for happiness are dashed as she tries to keep the family safe from harm while dealing with her growing desire for Alec. Cecily does not see Mirabella’s jealousy — a powerful anger that allows suspicions to tear them all apart. (KENSINGTON, May, 346 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin