Image of A Summer Affair: A Novel


Image of A Summer Affair: A Novel

This story of one woman's midlife crisis is an emotional and heartfelt journey. It's a captivating tale of heartache, happiness, confusion and love. By the end, it seems as though we're hurtling through time at breakneck speed, and readers will find themselves rooting for the heroine.

Claire, a wife, the mother of four young children and a nationally known glassblower, has agreed to co-chair the Nantucket Children Summer Gala. One reason Claire is asked due to Max West, Claire's high school sweetheart, who is now an internationally known star. As if Claire doesn't have enough to contend with, she also agrees to come out of retirement to make another museum-quality piece for the auction.

The lack of intimacy in her marriage results in Claire's attraction to Lock Dixon, the charity's executive director. He's dealing with his wife, who is now mentally challenged after in a car accident, and is attracted to Claire. With these liaisons in place, a summer affair of a lifetime has begun.

(LITTLE, BROWN, Jul., 416 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Katherine Taylor