Image of Summer After Summer


Image of Summer After Summer
As a teenager in the '70s, Jasmine Boudreaux loved Charlie Morrison desperately, but he was dating a close friend. After their breakup, Jasmine saw Charlie briefly but left for college and lost track of him until their high school reunion in the '90s. Their timing was still off; Jasmine was about to marry her business partner. Pediatrician Charlie and architect Jasmine don't meet again until 2007, when she's divorced and back in her hometown to start over -- and too scared to risk her heart again. A widower with a young son, Charlie has plans -- to win Jasmine, finally. Ann DeFee's Summer After Summer (3) will make anyone who lived through the '70s laugh, but it's limited a little by its first-person viewpoint.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer