After years as an indentured servant, Allegra Baniard returns to England to avenge the wrong done to her family by the traitorous Wickham family. Just as she is about to wreak her revenge, Allegra realizes that the new owner of Baniard Hall is not the man she has come to kill.

Her impetuous act forces Allegra to indenture herself to Greyson as his stillroom maid. Over time Allegra comes to know her master as a complex man whose demons drive him to drink and whose nightmares would cause a lesser woman to flee. Yet somehow, Allegra sees through Greyson's furious fits of temper to a man whose pain mirrors her own and who awakens her dormant passions.

SUMMER DARKNESS, WINTER LIGHT is a powerful romance brimming over with intense emotions and dark passions. Readers will be captivated from first page to last as Ms. Halliday deftly evokes the era and the pain and lives of her three-dimensional characters. Brilliantly crafted, lyrical in style and stunning in its romance, this is a novel to treasure. SENSUAL (May, 316 pp., $18.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin