Image of Summer of the Eagle


Image of Summer of the Eagle

Edwards merges her admiration
for Native American culture with the paranormal beliefs of the People into an interesting tale. She keeps the hero and heroine apart for a third of the book, slowly building background, character and adding paranormal aspects. But those yearning for a
solid romance may be disappointed
by the long, slow setup.

Blaze knows she's different. Her visions, dreams of a little girl and dead birds, healing powers and light eyes set her apart, but her wish to soar like an eagle makes her an outcast. In her solitude Blaze senses something is about to happen and that it has to do with her vision of a light-haired man and her past.

French trapper Luc is haunted by things he doesn't understand, and he returns to his family to unravel his strange thoughts. Is it possible that he is a Spirit Walker -- a shape-shifter? He does not want the burden it entails, but he has no choice, and when he meets Blaze he sees a kindred soul. It's their destiny to save their families from evil and untangle the secret of shape-shifting? (Leisure, Apr., 350 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin