Image of The Summer Everything Changed


Image of The Summer Everything Changed

Chamberlin does a great job of portraying the local and summer residents of her beach town setting of Ogunquit, Maine. Her characters are interesting and sympathetic, but the pace of the novel is a bit slow. Also, the author’s personal voice breaks through the narrative when she explores the topic of domestic abuse. When her main character notices a couple that she suspects are an abuser and victim while crossing the street, the internal conversation goes on too long.

Innkeeper and single mother Louise Bessire is working hard to host a celebrity wedding that could be a make-or-break event for her business. She longs to prove to her ex-husband that she can be a successful businesswoman. Meanwhile, her teenage daughter, Isobel, is falling for a local boy who Louise realizes may be trouble. Like most mothers, she longs to protect her daughter from making the same mistakes that she did. (KENSINGTON, Jul., 376 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett