New to Rocky Ford, handsome Zeke Jeffries has only a brief opportunity to work undisturbed on his melon farm before his meddling neighbor begins to parade eligible women past him.

Sophie Carter has a similar problem. Sophie is a 26-year-old spinster whose vain and beautiful mother is determined to find her a husband. Sophie thinks Zeke looks like a hero out of one of her romance novels and as she struggles to escape her mother's match-making, she crashes into Zeke and bloodies his nose.

The son of a local prostitute brings the two together. Sophie is touched by the boy's dreams of learning about electricity and Zeke is kind enough to give him a place to live for the summer. The boy gives Sophie and Zeke the excuse they need to discover whether romantic dreams and real life can coexist.

Anne Avery's warm and human characters and earthy humor bring SUMMER FANCY to charming life. This is a guaranteed day brightener! SENSUAL (July, 348 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce