Electra Hamilton is ready to finally lose her virginity, and the person who is supposed to share in this momentous occasion is childhood friend and mischief cohort, Sam. However, instead of Sam showing up to complete their pact, El is stuck with his geeky older brother, Andrew.

Andrew "Drew" Bolinger has loved El for years, but she finds him a control freak. As CEO of his own company, he is used to taking charge. When Drew arrives in the small town of Little Creek, he plans to "take charge" of El, only to find her in trouble yet again. This time, though, her zest for life and tendency to do what she shouldn't could put her right into danger.

J.A. Clarke excels in this totally engaging read. Humorous in spots, the book successfully shows how these two people fall in love. Throw in murder and a nosy, seductive neighbor, and you end up with a reader's dream come true. (Jun., 315 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith