Image of The Summer I Dared


Image of The Summer I Dared

A boating accident off the coast of Big Sawyer, Maine, kills nine, leaving three survivors to pick up the pieces of their lives. The accident changes Julia, a 40-year-old wife and mother from New York, who is visiting her aunt Zoe. She draws closer to her co-survivors: Noah, the lobsterman and former New York executive who saved her life, and Kim, a troubled young woman unable to speak to anyone after the tragedy.

Noah and Julia grow closer both emotionally and physically as she rediscovers herself and comes to terms with her failing marriage to a habitual philanderer.

Delinsky expertly explores familial relationships. As Julia finds a way to accept her sometimes difficult relationship with her parents, she learns how to stand on her own, apart from her husband, and soon discovers that Noah may provide the key to a lasting relationship.

The mystery surrounding the boating accident adds an exciting element to this novel. Delinsky never fails to entertain with her emotionally charged and well-grounded women's fiction. (Jun., 355 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick