Nora Bridge has built a media career out of giving advice to her reading and listening public. She admits to being the divorced mother of two grown daughters, but has not made public the terrible events that shattered her family. In truth, Noras younger daughter Ruby has never forgiven her mother for leaving.

Noras world crashes when it is revealed that she had an affair during her marriage. Desperate to escape scandal, Noras oldest daughter Caroline suggests that she hide out at their house in the San Juan Islands. On the way Nora loses control of her car and crashes. Unable to maneuver with her broken leg, Caroline insists that Ruby help their mother convalesce. Ruby refuses, but when she is offered a lot of money to write a tell-all article on her mother, she sees a chance for revenge and profit.

Unexpectedly the enforced close proximity makes Ruby see her mother with new eyes. Apparently there is much more to the story of Nora Bridge then Ruby had ever imagined.

Family relationships, especially those between mothers and daughters are vividly explored in Kristin Hannahs newest triumph. Ms. Hannahs ability to deliver honest and deep emotions makes her stories unforgettable. (Mar., 336 pp., $21.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith