Superstar hockey player Martin Cartier has had his share of ups and downs. His greatest sorrow, however, is the tragic death of his young daughter, Natalie. On a flight back to Boston, Martin is approached by a six-year-old named Kylie, who calmly requests that he help her and her mother when the time comes. Having no idea what she means, Martin agrees. Shortly thereafter the plane malfunctions and needs to make a crash landing. As was eerily predicted, Martins help is needed to get Kylie and her mother, May Taylor, off the plane.

Single mother May made the trip to Canada to have Kylie seen by psychology experts. Ever since she discovered the hanging body of a man in the woods, she has started talking to angels. According to Kylie, they speak with her and at times want her assistance. On that fateful flight, Kylie claims it was Natalie who told her about the plane.

Martin feels both an attraction and a bond with May. While they have not known each other long, he feels they are perfect for one another. Love grows quickly, yet there are many issues and obstacles that remain in their path.

This intense and mesmerizing family drama is beautifully accented with a touch of the paranormal. You know you are in for great emotion and drama when you pick up one of Luanne Rices books. (Jul., 372 pp., $21.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith