Image of Summer Is for Lovers (Second Sons)


Image of Summer Is for Lovers (Second Sons)

It’s refreshing when an author sweeps readers away from the ballrooms of London to the resort town of Brighton where some strictures and conventions are “forgotten.” McQuiston keeps the tone of her novel perfect for the era and brings wonderfully appealing characters to life — especially her secondary characters, who nearly steal the story from her wounded hero and independent, unconventional heroine. This is definitely a delight, with many touching moments and plenty of sexual tension.

When she’s a young girl, Caroline Tolbertson rescues David Cameron from an apparent drowning and spends the next years fantasizing about him. Unlike the members of the ton, who descend on Brighton every summer, Caroline is not rich or conventionally beautiful. Soon, David returns to Brighton as well. David struggles with his past demons and has vowed never to love or marry. Even though Caroline makes it perfectly clear she would like to make her fantasies a reality, David pushes her away. He will help her find a suitor, just not him. When they are thrown together during a swimming race, David realizes he must let go of the past and Caroline finally accepts herself for who she is. (AVON, Oct., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin