Former Secret Service agent Zoe Costas has gone into business with her new brother-in-law, Quinn, and moved back to the Jersey Shore. Another big change for the exuberant Costas family is that Zoe's free-spirited parents have decided to adopt their foster child, Samantha. But on the day of Samantha's birthday party, trouble arrives in the form of a buttoned-down lawyer.

Ryan Baldwin comes from old money and rigid values. It was those values that drove his older sister, Faith, to run away. After years of searching, Ryan has only recently learned that his late sister had a daughter.

Determined to rescue the girl, Ryan arrives at the Costas home, only to be mistaken for the social worker. Zoe realizes the mistake but convinces Ryan to keep up the charade so as not to scare the troubled Samantha. The Costas brood is the complete antithesis of his own family, and Ryan flounders at first. It is only his desire to know his niece and his burgeoning attraction to Zoe that keep him from giving up entirely.

The wild and wacky Costas family is back, and it's Zoe's turn to find her mate. Acceptance, forgiveness and the ability to change make this a funny and touching family drama. (Aug., 304 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith