Image of Summer at Mustang Ridge


Image of Summer at Mustang Ridge

Hayworth’s print debut, the second in her Mustang Ridge series, is a beautiful love story expressed in simple, elegant language about a vulnerable mother, her troubled child and an enigmatic cowboy who has been scarred by love. With a solid plot and a host of sympathetic, genuine characters, Hayworth takes her time weaving a tale of love and healing, all set against the beautiful rural backdrop of the Wyoming mountains. This heartwarming story is a keeper.

Against better advice, city girl Shelby takes a cooking job at the Mustang Ridge dude ranch for the summer. She hopes that being there will help soothe her daughter Lizzie’s troubles. When they meet Foster, the ranch’s chief wrangler, his brusque manner rubs Shelby the wrong way. Yet he becomes Lizzie’s favorite person. As Shelby spends more time around Foster, she is more taken with him, which leads to an unexpectedly magical summer for all three of them. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates