Image of Summer Nights (Fool's Gold, Book 8)


Image of Summer Nights (Fool's Gold, Book 8)

The second of back-to-back releases featuring the Stryker siblings humorously adds horses and elephants to the romantic mix — Khatar and Priscilla are scene stealers extraordinaire! Things are never dull in Fool’s Gold, and it’s a joy to keep up with previous protagonists while exploring new relationships. Settle in for a funny and delightful experience!

Following a nasty divorce, horse whisperer Shane Stryker has decided to relocate his horse farm back to his hometown of Fool’s Gold. While waiting for his home and stables to be built, Shane and a few of his horses are living on his mother’s ranch — along with her menagerie, which includes a lonely elephant named Priscilla. Town librarian Annabelle Weiss is determined to raise enough money for a new mobile library, which means she needs to learn to ride a horse for the fundraiser. Shane initially wants nothing to do with the feisty, petite redhead, but when his “killer” horse Khatar falls in love with Annabelle, he is stuck. Both Shane and Annabelle have had previous bad relationships; can they get past old baggage to start anew? (HQN, Jul., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith