Summer Pleasures: The Capture continues Bast's Season quartet. Even though this provocative tale is book three of four, readers new to the series will have no difficulty following this skill-fully woven storyline. Bast tantalizes readers with scenes spiced with light bondage, anal sex and multiple sex partners.

Lilane seeks vengeance when her family and fiancé fall victim to a vicious Sudhraian attack on her village during the Nordanese-Sudhraian war. She plots to hunt down and kill the first Sudhraian who crosses her path. But Lilane gets more than she bargained for when she chooses Lord Rue d'Ange as her intended victim.

Rue was raised in the Sudhraian culture but born to the Aviat race. He's covertly working to aid the Lords of Nordan in exchange for safe refuge for his mysterious winged race. When he finds himself on the receiving end of Lilane's sword, he turns the tables and captures her for himself. Lilane exudes vulnerability and passion—an alluring mixture that Rue cannot deny. He begins a seductive campaign that draws Lilane into his bed and into his deadly deception.

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Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell