In Cabot’s Westward Winds series starter, readers will enjoy reading through the story’s twists and turns. The characters are an interesting bunch; some of them are quirky, some are serious, but all have a story to share. With each book, Cabot writes something new and fresh.

Abigail Harding has headed to Wyoming to check up on her sister before returning to Vermont to marry the man she has loved for a long time. Then her stagecoach is held up. Lieutenant Ethan Bowles is on the stagecoach and prevents anyone from being hurt. He knows that Abigail is not the Army type of woman and he is content with his life as a single, Army-for-life person. but things have a habit of changing for unsuspecting people. Ethan and Abigail spend time with each other and there is attraction on both sides, but both are set in their future plans — or are they? (REVELL, Jan., 416 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans