Image of Summer Seaside Wedding (Harlequin Medical, 484)


Image of Summer Seaside Wedding (Harlequin Medical, 484)

SUMMER SEASIDE WEDDING (2) by Abigail Gordon: Junior doctor Amelie Benoir travels from her home in France to the coast of England in hopes of forgetting her broken engagement. Contracted to work at a local clinic for six months, she is not expecting to find love. But after just one look at doctor Leo Fenchurch and Amelie realizes that she is in jeopardy of losing her heart. Playboy doctor Leo has no interest in committing to just one woman – he is having too much fun dating to get serious about a doctor who will be gone after the season changes. However, he never counted on the way that Amelie makes him feel. Author Abigail Gordon brings the Devonshire coast to life as Amelie makes house calls to the villagers in her care. Unfortunately, Amelie and Leo's match does not shine in the same way. Amelie is young, insecure and plain while Leo is a blond Adonis who has a fast-paced social life and a horde of women in the wings. It is embarrassing to see Amelie throw herself at Leo only to have him reject her repeatedly. The author tries to explain away Leo’s reluctance to enter a real relationship, but in the end, his reasons fall flat and their romance is never fully developed. 

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Dawn Crowne