Image of Summer of Two Wishes


Image of Summer of Two Wishes

London delivers a heartbreaker
of a romance about a woman stuck
in a love triangle. Her characters
continue to be fully crafted and very real. One of the strengths of this story
is that either man would make a good choice. Neither is the bad guy or the knight in shining armor. If the story wraps up a little glibly, we can forgive her, because we all want this kind of
ending for our vets.

When Macy Lockhart learned her husband, Finn, died in Iraq, her life exploded too. After three painful years, she has finally rejoined the living. She has built a solid marriage with Wyatt, who cherishes her. It might not be the transcendent love of her old life, but it is good and she loves him, too.

Then she learns her husband, who had been a prisoner of the Taliban, is alive and is coming home. Not only does the service want her to go to Germany to meet him, they also want her to go on talk shows with him, so America can greet the hero. As she spends time with both men, she must make the hardest decision of her life. No matter what she does, she must hurt someone she loves. (POCKET STAR, Sep., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan