Sacramento newspaper owner Katelyn Ferguson believes the notorious bandit "El Buitre" must be brought to justice.

Intrigued and angered by Katelyn's inflammatory editorials, El Buitre decides to kidnap the outspoken senorita and prove his innocence. Brit Livingston's fight is not for gold and jewels, but for the rights of the Californios-those of Spanish ancestry living in California.

In El Buitre's camp, Katelyn sees Brit's honesty and dedication for herself, but it is his passion that sears down to her very soul. Though wary of one another, their passionate lovemaking brings them together in mind and body.

When Katelyn returns home, she brings with her a new understanding of El Buitre and a desire to right the wrongs that she has done. But the greed and jealousy of others draw Katelyn into a web of betrayal and treachery. It is up to Katelyn to bury her pride and claim Brit's love.

Action-packed, fast-paced and passionate, SUMMER WIND is a marvelous western romance. Arleen Holliday captures the spirit of her characters and their times as she unfolds a California "Robin Hood" romance for her readers to savor. SENSUAL (July, 392 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin