Image of The Summerhouse


Image of The Summerhouse

Nineteen years ago, three women met at the New York DMV on their 21st birthday and that one day has forever changed their lives. Now on the eve of their turning 40, these women will reunite for a weekend escape from their current lives.

When they were 21, their dreams and plans were limitless. Leslie was born to dance; beautiful Madison was ready to model; and budding artist Ellie Abbot was determined to take New York by storm. Each are looking toward this upcoming weekend with anticipation and trepidation. Life has not handed any of them a bed of roses. Can friendship help heal their wounds?

Suddenly, theyre each given a intriguing proposition by a mysterious woman called Madame Zoya the opportunity to relive any three weeks of their lives. If they go for it, what pivotal point in their lives would they relive and possibly change?

Author Jude Deveraux takes a fascinating theory and runs with it in her newest novel. The idea of being able to relive certain events in our lives is very seductive. THE SUMMERHOUSE uses three women to tell a very compelling and intriguing story. (May, 368 pp., $24.94)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith