Dr. Kirsi Royston leaves Los Angeles for Steadfast, Wisconsin, where the townsfolk expect her to fulfill a six-year commitment at their clinic. She must tell them she can only stay until SUMMER'S END (3). Family obligations force her to leave as soon as a replacement can be found. Then a murderous stalker prowls and a drug ring moves into the area. They don't like busybody doctors like Kirsi and her dynamic colleague, Dr. Douglas Erickson. But Kirsi's commitment to stay until a replacement arrives, her outrage at the drug traffickers and her growing attraction to Dr. Doug conspire to hold her in Steadfast. A killer may escape unless Kirsi and Doug lean on the Lord for their relationship and their very lives. Lyn Cote writes a delightful romance with compelling issues. The narrative in the killer's point of view lacked freshness, and it was disappointing that the story skipped some of the most intense action at the end. (Nov., 282 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson