Fans of Regency with a twist will delight in Sandra Heath's ingenious new reincarnation/time-travel romance.

Grieving widow Summer Stanway needs a diversion from the tragic events of her recent past. Losing her beloved husband in a horrible traffic accident and developing a severe case of diabetes have left her weak and despondent as she tries to convalesce on a visit to her sister in England. Not much caring about anything, she agrees to be hypnotized, hardly suspecting she will discover a whole new existence as Olivia Courtenay in Regency England.

Unable to resist immersing herself in the events of the past, Summer is stunned to find herself falling in love with the dashing Sir Brand Huntingford as she becomes entangled in the complicated affairs of Olivia's young cousin.

And then, in a fateful moment of choice, Summer risks everything to make her new life and love hers forever.

Although the reincarnation theme may pose certain difficulties for some readers, fans will enjoy the lively love story. (July, 219 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer