Image of Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening


Image of Summerset Abbey: Spring Awakening

As the world is caught up in war the women of Summerset Abbey move toward their destiny. The quick pace and crisp, snappy dialogue sweep readers into the very essence of the era. Brown’s ease of characterization, and the merging of the historical and fictional events that envelop the sisters, makes it easy for readers to become invested in Brown’s story. Fans of the time period will devour this conclusion to the series.

Sisters Rowena, Victoria and Prudence struggle with the twists and turns their lives take as they move away from Summerset Abbey. Rowena becomes a test pilot, fulfilling her dreams of being an aviatrix as she struggles with loving two men. Even though she suffers from her own health issues, Victoria volunteers to work in a hospital for wounded soldiers and is part of a contingent sent into the war zone in France, where she comes to appreciate her strengths and that of the man she loves. Prudence, married and pregnant, watches as her husband heads off to war and must find a way to rescue his heart and soul when he returns a changed man. The bonds of sisterhood and friendship are tested, but love enables these unique women to triumph over every obstacle in their paths. (GALLERY, Aug., 300 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin