Image of The Summit


Image of The Summit

The premise may be slightly overworked, but Martin's latest is atmospheric, tense and thought-provoking all the same. It takes a while for the reader to warm up to cranky hero Ben, but it's worth it.

For over a decade, Autumn Sommers has been having psychic dreams. Now she's seeing the abduction of a little girl and is desperate to learn the child's identity so that she can prevent it.

But it's too late. Ben McKenzie's daughter, Molly, was taken years ago, and he's intensely skeptical about Autumn's assertions. Persuading him to give her a chance is difficult, but Autumn manages to do it -- then her visions change. Molly's still in them, but there's another little girl present, a child they might be able to save from Molly's fate, if they can piece together the scant clues in time. (MIRA, Jul., 432 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer