In Jana G. Oliver's second book in her DragonFire series, the dragons' schemes become apparent. Morwyn's twin toddlers are kidnapped by a dragon, forcing Morwyn to tell Berwyn of his unknown children. They bargain with the Ancient One for their children's safe return, but as in their first covenant, the cost is immeasurably dear.

Elsewhere, a power-hungry warlord systematically kills off the Southern Isle clans until only one remains. Caewlin is the leader of the remaining Red Hawk Clan. and he proposes alliance with the House of Aderyn. When the warlord steals a powerful dragon artifact, Morwyn and her children become involved in the clan's struggle, hoping to retrieve the artifact before it can be used against the clan or Aderyn.

THE SUMMONING STONE is a powerful, moving story about sacrifice and love. Morwyn's selfish desire to keep her waning powers rather than accept Berwyn's love creates tense situations between the two, their children and their friends. (Sep., 434 pp., $15.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper