In this spin-off from Silken Threads, Patricia Ryan weaves an engrossing thread of mystery through a captivating romance where Oxford scholar Phillippa de Paris and King Henrys spy Hugh of Wexford join forces to expose the rebellious schemes of a sinister churchman.

An admired academician, Phillippa is learned in the ways of books, but horribly innocent in the ways of men. Thus when Hugh approaches her with his plan to have her help him expose a traitor, she is stunned. She is not the kind of woman who can act as a temptress, seducing a powerful man into giving away his secrets. Nor is she someone able to play at love, posing as Hughs wife, without falling for him.

Long ago Hugh vowed never to let a woman rule his heart and certainly never to wed. But here he is proposing to a woman he barely knows in order to save the country from civil war.

As Hugh and Phillippa enter into the dangerous masquerade their lives and their hearts are at stake.

Patricia Ryan holds readers in her grasp with mystery and suspense worthy of a Hitchcock film. Once you start this nonstop read you wont go to bed until youve turned the last page. Kudos to Ms. Ryan for bringing such a satisfying tale to life and pushing the boundaries of the genre once more. SENSUAL (Jun., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin