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Another heart-warming chapter in the Coulter family saga is on tap in the always wonderful Anderson's newest release. These interconnected stories have explored a rich and varied array of relationships centered around a dynamic and expanding family. Samantha's lack of trust in men and her own judgment are major roadblocks that Tucker will need to overcome. Anderson is at her best when it comes to telling stories that are deeply emotional and heartfelt.

The saying "no good deed goes unpunished" certainly rings true as horse breeder Samantha Harrington and local veterinarian Tucker Coulter wind up arrested after trying to stop an intoxicated man from abusing his horse at a rodeo. The charges are soon dropped and, despite her initial attraction to Tucker, relationship-shy Samantha backs away.

Fate, however, has other ideas, so when Samantha's prize-winning quarter horses suddenly fall ill, Tucker is the man Samantha calls for help. To Tucker and Samantha's horror, the illness turns out to be deliberate poisoning, but who would do such a thing? Samantha is positive it is her abusive ex-husband, but the police consider her the prime suspect. Tucker considers himself a good judge of character and he believes Samantha is innocent; will he put his career and reputation on the line to help her? (SIGNET, Jan., 432 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith