On more than one occasion, Neala Delaney's uncle Sean has gotten her involved in dangerous undercover missions. This latest episode turns out to be a doozy as Neala witnesses the murder of a United States senator. Quickly swooped up by the Feds, General Kalen Grady calls his old friend Will Ryder to hide the reluctant witness on his remote Montana Ranch.

A city girl who likes her creature comforts, being stuck in the wilds of Montana is not the kind of protection Neala had in mind. While Will said he'd keep an eye on her, no one said he had to make it pleasant. Since Neala initially rubbed Will the wrong way, a little payback might be fun.

But there is nothing fun about Shandian Corp. and their insidious plans. Can Neala's testimony put another nail in the company's coffin or will it be a nail in her own?

More action, adventure and romance from rising star Gena Hale. Ms. Hale is proving she has quite a gift of serving up thrills and chills. (Jun., 288 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith