The first book of an exciting trilogy set in an alternate medieval world weaves together magic, myth, passion and lust for power when the youngest sister of a family of witches challenges an ancient curse and winds up taking on an evil emperor to save her daughter and the man she's forbidden to love.

The 300-year-old curse makes true love impossible for the Fyne women, but Sophie decides to put the curse to the test and find herself a man. Before Sophie came into his life, seduced him and then disappeared, Kane Varden was a defeated warrior in hiding. After, he has extraordinary luck, fame and fortune. Kane hasn't forgotten Sophie and returns to their magical bower—only to discover he has a daughter.

When their daughter is kidnapped, Sophie and Kane must journey to the Emperor Sebestyen's tower. Magical creatures and the love of her sisters lend the couple new strength to fight the treachery and devastating truths they encounter.

To make this a deliciously sensual read, the author ratchets up the tension with a complicated love-hate relationship between the emperor and his favorite concubine But Sophie tends to escape real harm by chance, not by her hard-won powers. Still, this trilogy is sure to find many fans. (Dec., 328 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black