There are few people in the Sierras who do not know Cains reputation. The half-breed gunslinger who killed his own brother no longer has a home among the Cheyenne people or the settlers. Still, he is renowned for his skills and hired by the railroad to help build a line across the continent.

Union spy Roxanna Fallon is running for her life. After her best friend Alexas death, Roxanna assumes her identity and heads West to marry the man chosen by Alexas grandfather. But a Cheyenne raid thrusts her into a startling new situation.

Alexas grandfather hires Cain to bring her back and their meeting in the camp sets off sparks. They stay with Cains Cheyenne family and Roxanna has visions and dreams pointing to an explosive conflict between the woman posing as an heiress and the outcast gunslinger.

Once they return to town, Alexas fianci refuses to marry her because her reputation is in question. Instead, Cain offers to marry her and a tension filled, sexually taut relationship begins. Dark secrets must be laid to rest and villains who conspire to destroy them must be stopped, as Cain finds his way to peace through the travail of the Sun Dance ritual and the love of a strong woman.

Powerful and sensual, SUNDANCER is one of Shirl Henkes finest western romances. Filling pages with details of Cheyenne life and culture, steamy love scenes, strong characters and a marvellous love story, she has once again hit the mark with a romance that delivers. SENSUAL (Jan., 350 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin