When her brother's wedding party is attacked by a Seneca war party, Elizabeth Fleming is taken captive. Believing she is the only survivor, Elizabeth endures her lot as a slave wife for nine years. Abused by another of her husband's wives and called Ugly Woman by the tribe, Elizabeth takes comfort in her two children, Rachel and Jamie.

Hunt Campbell, raised by the Delaware tribe, is more Indian than white. He is hired by the other surviving Flemings to bring Elizabeth home. She later tricks Hunt into going back for her children. It is a hair-raising adventure as a fierce battle breaks out.

For Elizabeth, returning to white civilization is a battle of its own. With her half-breed children, her growing affection for her rescuer and the need to be near the earth, she has many decisions to make.

SUNDANCER'S WOMAN is an action-filled romance with colorful descriptions and fascinating details of colonial and Native American life. A must read for Indian Romance fans. SENSUAL (Feb., 392 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Dennis-Greer