FBI agent Charley Dow is racing against the clock, searching for a serial killer who only strikes on Sundays before he kills again. Her search is personal, since this monster killed her twin sister.

A new body has been found and, on top of that, Charley has a new partner who's too good-looking for her peace of mind. Nick Brannigan not only looks good, he's also a darn good agent, and when he uncovers a clue that disturbs Charley on a personal level, she realizes that she didn't know her twin as well as she thought, and that the killer may be closer to Charley than she realizes. Will Nick and Charley be able to catch this cunning killer before he strikes again, and will Charley finally allow a man close to her heart at the same time?

Ferrarella has packed a lot into this fast-paced suspense that cheats the reader out of nothing. The attraction between Nick and Charley is subtle, but despite this, it's still believable and all the more romantic. This book will keep the reader firmly engaged until the final page. (Jan., 320 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers