Highly versatile author Amanda Ashley (AKA Madeline Baker) has put together two novellas for lovers of the paranormal.With SUNLIGHT, MOONLIGHT readers are treated to two highly entertaining fantasy tales for the price of one.

In SUNLIGHT, star traveler Micah is stranded on Earth when his spaceship crashes. Lainey St. John knows there is something very strange going on at the old abandoned Grayson Place, but she certainly never expects to discover a drop-dead handsome man. After spending a little time with Micah, Lainey knows that there is something very odd about him, but nothing prepares her for a glimpse of his true face and figure. UFO hunters and the SETI organization also want to get their hands on Micah.

With even Micah's own people against their union, can Lainey and Micah find a way to overcome the long odds against them?

In MOONLIGHT, bookstore owner Adrianna Grant falls head over heels for the mysterious owner of an antique store. Navarre is like no man she has ever met. With good reason, for Navarre has not been mortal for the last several thousand years. Raised from birth as a sacrifice to the Goddess Shaylyn, Navarre was given to her once he reached 25. Shaylyn turned out to be a vampire who decided to spare Navarre and bring him over. Now just when Navarre may have found true love, Shaylyn returns to claim her own.

(Jan., 400 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith