Jane Foster is trapped in a loveless marriage to a lecherous husband. When he doesnt return from one of his frequent trips, shes left in dire financial straits. She requests legal advice from Daniel Colton.

Daniel finds Janes naivete difficult to handle, and they clash many times while he tries to straighten out her problems. When Janes husband is found murdered, she becomes not only a suspect but the victim of malicious gossip and vandalism.

When Jane is arrested, Daniel is torn between his growing passion for her and his love of the law. To save her life, he must expose the horrible secret of her husbands unfaithfulness and risk losing her.

Always one to break the rules and craft an intelligent, thought-provoking romance, Delia Parr has created a suspenseful and emotionally powerful story for the discerning reader. SENSUAL (Oct., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Antoinette Lopez