Image of Sunrise (Sonnet Books)


Image of Sunrise (Sonnet Books)

The Fairbourne Chronicles continue as blacksmith Daniel Fairbourne learns to put aside the guilt and grief of his wifes death when he finds a young woman washed up on shore one dark and stormy night.

Daniel brings the barely alive stranger to his remote home to nurse her back to life. Once she regains consciousness, Daniel learns her name is Juliette, but little else because she has lost her memory. Having Juliette to care for, Daniel begins to return to the world of the living. Yet Daniel fears what will happen when Juliette regains her memory. Will she want to return to her old life or stay with him?

Fans of the Fairbournes will delight in being reunited with the clan and discovering a wonderful, tormented hero in Daniel as he struggles with his doubts and uncertainties, fears of love and loss. Colonial romance fans have another winner to savor. SENSUAL (Feb. 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin