Author Suzanne Frank triumphs again with another mesmerizing tale of love and adventure in the ancient world.An exceptionally talented writer, Ms. Frank brings us one thrill after another
as she allows us to view history in an amazingly fresh light without sacrificing one iota of reality. One can only swoon at the prospect of yet another new odyssey to extend this landmark fiction series.

Fresh from Atlantis, Chloe and her husband Cheftu find themselves dropped into Canaan in the time of King David; unfortunately, not together.

Taken for a mermaid goddess, Chloe ends up in the temple of the Philistines, while Cheftu travels back into the Egypt of Akhenaten, where he promptly gets into serious trouble by not displaying the proper attitude toward the Sun God, Aten. Other familiar faces, including the scheming priestess RaEm and the tormented immortal Dion, who also show up.

All will be drawn to Canaan to play key roles in the mythos surrounding David, the Hebrew tribes and the mysteriously powerful Ark of the Covenant.

(Aug., 496 pp., $23.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer