Shelly Thackers first foray into the wild West is a success! This intriguing, sensual tale with its fresh approach to a traditional plot is just what romance readers are looking for.

U.S. Marshall Lucas McKenna is the most respected and feared lawman in the West, and hes after Antoinette Sutton, the woman who killed his brother.

Antoinette arrives in Colorado too sick from a miscarriage to continue her journey. Taking the name Annie Sutton she finds shelter, until Lucas tracks her down.

Snowbound and imprisoned as a killer, Annie only prays justice will be swift, never expecting to find her heart stolen by the man who is to bring her back to stand trial.

Torn between his belief that Annie is a killer and the growing passion he feels for her, Lucas strives to forget Annies beauty and distrust her. But the story she tells makes him question her guilt and wonder if he can set her free, forsaking his duty to bring her in and see her hang.

Strong emotions will hold the readers attention from the very first words of INTO THE SUNSET. Shelly Thackers masterful handling of complex emotions is as impressive as her storytelling ability. Ms, Thacker just keeps getting better and better. SENSUAL (June, 320 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin